State student council against cancellation of lessons: katholikentag prevents education

There is protest against the Katholikentag, which begins on Wednesday. Students complain that they are missing out on classes because Catholics are staying overnight in schools.

Napping: Pope Francis does not sleep in a school Photo: dpa

Saxony’s state student council has criticized the closure of more than 30 schools because of the 100th German Catholic Day in Leipzig. Because classrooms were being used for overnight stays, thousands of students were now without classrooms, representatives of the state student council said Wednesday in Leipzig. While some final exams were still pending, "a religious event" was apparently "more important than the future of Leipzig’s students."


Retrospective of harald hauswald: fast, fearless, cheeky

"Full of life!" A retrospective at c/o Berlin pays tribute to Harald Hauswald as a chronicler of the late GDR and master of street photography.

Harald Hauswald, concert by Big Country, Radrennbahn, Weibensee, Berlin, 1988 Photo: Harald Hauswald/OSTKREUZ/Federal Foundation for Reappraisal.

On January 17, 1984, the Stasi notes at 2:50 p.m. that "Radfahrer" has stepped out of "the gateway to the apartment building at Kastanienallee 11" and is "carrying a shoulder bag and tripod." At 4:25 p.m., "cyclist" comes out of another house in the same street: "shoulder bag and tripod he had with him again." Later, "cyclist" will still visit toy store, bakery and fish store.


Election in egypt: freedom gets under your skin

It is often only a few years that separate Tahrir activists from adolescents. But the differences between them are serious.

Some 55 million Egyptians can vote for a parliament for the first time since 2012. Photo: dpa

Maybe they should kill all the old people. Kareem Shaheen says this sentence after talking himself into a rage. He is sitting with his friends in a pub called Freedom. Freedom is a desolate drinking establishment near Tahrir Square. The Arabic word for freedom, horreya, was chanted by protesters on the streets of the Old City during the 2011 revolution.


Meryl streep in portrait: the versatile one

No one is as versatile as Meryl Streep. This is the first time she has been president of a film festival jury. Will she cause a surprise at the Berlinale?

Meryl Streep is the president of the Berlinale 2016. photo: dpa

There are talents that everyone can agree on so quickly that at some point they’re no longer really on the radar. There’s simply no need for discussion. Meryl Streep is one of those. Her name alone reads as a mark of quality in any film.


Commentary prokon becomes a cooperative: victory of the citizens

A successful model: The creditors of the insolvent wind energy company Prokon want to continue the project as a cooperative.

The gloomy clouds are clearing away. Photo: ap

Respect. What the "Friends of Prokon" have put together in recent weeks and months is remarkable. They were able to convince the insolvency administrator to develop a cooperative plan in addition to the classic investor plan – an extremely rare event.