Twitter account suspension: the man who shut down trump

Bahtiyar Duysak from Paderborn worked for Twitter in San Francisco. And freed the world from Trump’s tweets for eleven minutes. Was that on purpose?

Duysak wants to have a "quiet life" again for now and now sells used wind turbines Photo: Veit Mette

To meet the man who briefly took away one of the most important instruments of power from the President of the United States, you have to go to East Westphalia. Paderborn’s train station is manageable. Five tracks, regional trains from Bielefeld or Hanover stop here, only rarely an ICE. Washington and the White House are far away, California and the headquarters of the major Internet companies even further. A young man in a white track jacket and washed-out jeans waits outside the bakery in the station building. "Hello, I’m Bahtiyar," he introduces himself.


Ruling of the nrw higher administrative court: bochum must bring back sami a.

Sami A. was deported as an Islamist dangerous person – now a court has ruled: He must be brought back. It remains to be seen whether and how this will work out.

All options for opposing Sami A.’s return seem to have been exhausted Photo: dpa

The city of Bochum must bring the deported Islamist Sami A. back to Germany, according to a decision by the North Rhine-Westphalian Higher Administrative Court. This was announced by the court on Wednesday. The OVG was the last legal instance in this summary proceeding. However, the city of Bochum still has a constitutional complaint and thus the go to Karlsruhe before the Federal Constitutional Court – but that would have no suspensive effect on the return.


Space-age musician adi gelbart: his own cosmonaut dream

Homage to computer superiority: the wonderful sonic universe of Israeli D.i.y. artist Adi Gelbart.

Musician Adi Gelbart tweeting Photo: Noam Chojno

No, the dull here and now is not the thing of Israeli musician Adi Gelbart. Instead, he creates his own cosmos that is forward-looking in every respect. This is demonstrated by the new album of the Berlin-based sound tinkerer, who cites jazz, classical music and New Wave bands like Yello as influences in equal measure: "Preemptive Musical Offerings To Satisfy Our Future Masters" is its title.


Government formation in italy: “neutral government” planned

The president has reached the end of his patience. Talks with the parties failed to produce an agreement. A "neutral government" is to lead to new elections.

Maurizio Martina (M), acting PD secretary, Andrea Marcucci (l) and Graziano Delrio after a meeting with Mattarella Photo: dpa

Two months after the election, Italy’s President Sergio Mattarella has declared the formation of a government between the parties a failure. A "neutral government" must lead the country to new elections, Mattarella said Monday in Rome after talks with the country’s political forces. He said the latter had given him to understand during the day that they were not ready to enter into coalitions. He had ruled out a minority government as a solution from the start.


Nahles wants citizen’s income: cautious departure from hartz iv

The SPD leader is in favor of a new "citizen’s income," but says nothing about the amount of the standard rate. Regulations on sanctions remain unclear.

Is Hartz IV coming to an end? And will the "citizen’s income" come next? Photo: dpa

In the discussion about an abolition of Hartz IV, SPD leader Andrea Nahles has had her say with a debate article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Saturday edition). "Sanctions have become a symbol of the state’s distrust of recipients of basic benefits. They have the effect of implying from the outset that benefit recipients want to cheat." This is "frustrating and demotivating for all honest people." Nahles did not advocate a complete end to sanctions. How exactly the sanctions practice is to be reorganized remains unclear in the article. However, a person’s "subsistence level" should never be "called into question," Nahles said.


Us nuclear researcher on security situation: “nuclear anarchy is realistic”.

The security situation is tighter than ever, and the U.S. is mainly to blame, explains Peter Kuznick of the U.S. Institute for Nuclear Studies.

Easily makes it to Berlin: the Iskander-K short-range missile is not covered by the INF Treaty – test in Russia, 2017 Photo: Russian Defense Ministry, ap

site: Why does Donald Trump want to end the INF treaty on medium-range intermediate-range missiles?


Growing tensions in cyprus: ghost town receives visitors

After 46 years, the town of Varosha in Turkey’s northern Cyprus is to be reopened. Greek Cypriots and the EU protest.

The ghosts Erdogan called: Is the dispute between Turkey and Greece now escalating further? Photo: ap/Petros Karadjias

Behind a rusty fence, crowned by barbed wire, a fine sandy beach stretches eastward. High-rise buildings, villas and apartment blocks stretch along the coast. For 46 years, no civilian has set foot on this beach. The buildings are dilapidated, and the adjacent streets, visible from the fence, are overgrown with shrubs. No one has lived in the town of Varosha, a suburb of Famagusta, Cyprus, since 1974. Soldiers from the Turkish army are the only people allowed to enter Varosha.


Petition of the week: with extra sheep?

Sheep farmers in Germany receive support only for the grazed area. A petition wants to orient the support to the number of mother animals.

Keeping sheep is not a particularly profitable endeavor Photo: dpa

In the background, his dog yelps while Sven de Vries says into the phone, "At some point, you stand there and know neither in nor out." De Vries is one of the few itinerant shepherds in Germany and, at 36, one of the youngest. He is currently on the road with his 750 sheep. Now in winter near Bad Wurzach, in summer he is with "his girls," as he calls the sheep, in the Swabian Alb.


Media concentration in germany: the power of the corporations

Media companies should never have so much market share that they determine opinion. But the laws that govern that are outdated.

When a broadcaster approaches an audience share of 30 percent, it becomes dangerous for diversity Photo: afp

Bild has led the way, and now RTL is following suit. The private broadcaster also wants to launch a live video service on the web to react to news situations at any time. But whether the Cologne-based company is allowed to do so at all was first decided by the KEK, the Commission for Determining Concentration in the Media – a group of experts. And in December, it ruled that RTL could. Despite all its activities, RTL’s power to influence opinion was not in danger.