Twitter account suspension: the man who shut down trump

Bahtiyar Duysak from Paderborn worked for Twitter in San Francisco. And freed the world from Trump’s tweets for eleven minutes. Was that on purpose?

Duysak wants to have a "quiet life" again for now and now sells used wind turbines Photo: Veit Mette

To meet the man who briefly took away one of the most important instruments of power from the President of the United States, you have to go to East Westphalia. Paderborn’s train station is manageable. Five tracks, regional trains from Bielefeld or Hanover stop here, only rarely an ICE. Washington and the White House are far away, California and the headquarters of the major Internet companies even further. A young man in a white track jacket and washed-out jeans waits outside the bakery in the station building. "Hello, I’m Bahtiyar," he introduces himself.


Government formation in italy: new elections after all

The formation of a government in Italy has failed. President Mattarella has rejected the finance minister proposed by M5S and Lega.

President Sergio Mattarella on Sunday evening in Rome Photo: dpa

Italy’s new government has collapsed before it even came into being. More than that, the country is facing a serious institutional crisis, an unprecedented clash between the two prevented governing parties, Movimento5Stelle (M5S, 5-Star Movement) and the Lega, on the one hand, and President Sergio Mattarella on the other. And instead of a government supported by a majority in parliament, Italians will now have new elections.


Space-age musician adi gelbart: his own cosmonaut dream

Homage to computer superiority: the wonderful sonic universe of Israeli D.i.y. artist Adi Gelbart.

Musician Adi Gelbart tweeting Photo: Noam Chojno

No, the dull here and now is not the thing of Israeli musician Adi Gelbart. Instead, he creates his own cosmos that is forward-looking in every respect. This is demonstrated by the new album of the Berlin-based sound tinkerer, who cites jazz, classical music and New Wave bands like Yello as influences in equal measure: "Preemptive Musical Offerings To Satisfy Our Future Masters" is its title.


Us nuclear researcher on security situation: “nuclear anarchy is realistic”.

The security situation is tighter than ever, and the U.S. is mainly to blame, explains Peter Kuznick of the U.S. Institute for Nuclear Studies.

Easily makes it to Berlin: the Iskander-K short-range missile is not covered by the INF Treaty – test in Russia, 2017 Photo: Russian Defense Ministry, ap

site: Why does Donald Trump want to end the INF treaty on medium-range intermediate-range missiles?


Criticism of the “animal welfare initiative”: animal rights activists speak of fraud

The "Initiative Tierwohl" will continue to focus on quantity instead of quality in the future. The Animal Welfare Association is now terminating the cooperation.

Quite tight here: a barn equipped according to the "Initiative Tierwohl" Photo: dpa

Image damage perfect: The German Animal Welfare Association drops the Initiative Tierwohl. The voluntary industry initiative offers neither a "long-term perspective for animal welfare" nor transparency for the consumer, the Animal Welfare Association explained. In the initiative, retail giants such as Aldi, Lidl and Netto had joined forces with the meat industry and agriculture to counter the visibly critical reactions to factory farming. Since 2015, retailers have been paying four cents into a pot per kilogram of pork or poultry sold. This is used to reward animal owners who treat their animals better, for example by giving them more space.


After allegations of embezzlement against bosses: less money for vw works councils

The employee representatives have to accept steep cuts: This is how the Group wants to refute the accusation that they were to be made compliant.

Bernd Osterloh (center) in 2009 between former VW CEO Martin Winterkorn (left) and then-Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier Photo: ap

Bernd Osterloh says he is "at peace with himself." That’s what the head of the VW Group and General Works Council says on the website of IG Metall at Volkswagen. This immediately raises the question of what he might have to reproach himself for? It’s a highly sensitive issue for VW: Are works councils at the world’s largest car company still being handled in an inadmissible, i.e. excessive, manner so that they don’t cause management so much stress despite co-determination?


Actor on racial profiling: hamlet with an adjective

Murali Perumal played rose sellers, cab drivers and Islamists. Then he opened his mouth. What stigma is his skin color today?

Murali Perumal in January 2017 in the foyer of the Nestroyhof Hamakom theater in Vienna Photo: Rois & Stubenrauch.

That voice. Eyes closed – and you have no idea who the actor is to whom it belongs. Baritone pitch, but sometimes, when outraged, his voice rises octaves. The man could live in a clinker house with a stainless steel extractor hood, or in an old apartment building, so polished is the High German. He could be Hamlet or the steward on the "Traumschiff". The voice makes everything conceivable.


Lying press accusation against the media: maybe we can still be saved

The media industry thought it had to master the digital transformation in order to survive. Instead, the arrogance of academics has to go.

Academics don’t understand everything either Photo: photocase/cydonna

Okay, let’s talk about the divide. It has long been a constant companion of journalists’ everyday work; for the past three or four years, media makers have been talking about nothing else. It’s the one between sender and receiver: The senders of content find out that a large part of the potential receivers don’t care that anything is being sent at all.


Election campaign in great britain: among europhiles

Kate Hoey is running in the London constituency of Vauxhall, a Labour stronghold. The Brexit enthusiast must fear for her seat.

Kate Hoey is not adapting Photo: Daniel Zylberstajn

"The last of the old set, original 1989," says the old lady in the black business suit. She means her wine-red mini. She could have meant herself. In 1989, Kate Hoey became the Member of Parliament for the Vauxhall constituency, which stretches from London’s Giant Wheel on the south bank of the Thames to Brixton. Vauxhall, for decades, has been a Labour stronghold.


After attack on alt-right leader spencer: “… Punch nazis in the face”.

The face of the Alt-Right movement was punched by a protester. Richard Spencer is now mobilizing in self-defense.

Richard Spencer calls for a pure white America with his Alt-Right movement Photo: ap

Richard Spencer is now a public figure. With all that entails. On the sidelines of Donald Trump’s inauguration, the leader of the Alt-Right movement was beaten on camera by a left-wing protester. On his way from the festivities to a restaurant, Spencer wanted to give an interview to the Australian Broadcasting Company, but was surrounded by anti-Trump demonstrators.