Deep-sea drilling in europe: eu waives oil moratorium

After the USA, Europe also gives in: Deep-sea drilling remains possible under pressure from the UK. Liability and safety requirements are to be tightened.

Didn’t help: Protest by Greenpeace activists against deep-sea drilling in Brussels. Photo: dpa

Following British pressure, the EU Commission has weakened its list of requirements for safety measures for future oil drilling in the deep sea. In an original draft circulated in Brussels last week, the agency had called for a moratorium on new drilling permits until all technical lessons had been learned from the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. In the version that Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger then presented Wednesday, member states are simply asked to consider whether a "suspension of permits" might be a reasonable measure.


Benefits for corona-immunized: ‘currently’ against vaccination privileges

The federal government is debating a law that would ban benefits for the vaccinated. But is such a law even necessary – and possible?

Does a law banning benefits for corona vaccinated people make sense? Photo: Matthias Bein/dpa

The SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag is considering a ban on privileges for corona vaccinees. Previously, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) had already spoken out against benefits for vaccinated people.


Talking about refugee women: phew, those poor women!

Refugee women are absent from a debate of the integration administration about "Refugees as experts of themselves".

They are all experts: Integration Senator Elke Breitenbach (Left) with a refugee Photo: dpa

The first finding: refugee women have different needs and problems arriving than men. The second: So far, women have often been given short shrift in public discussions. The Senate Department for Integration and Social Affairs is therefore not the only organization currently addressing the situation of refugee women.


Mental illness in south africa: one psychiatrist for 150,000 patients

One third of the South African population is considered mentally ill. Treatment and care services are sometimes inhumane.

High unemployment, poverty, lack of belonging in the townships underlie many illnesses Photo: dpa

South Africa urgently needs better care for the mentally ill. Since the end of apartheid a quarter of a century ago, no new facilities for psychiatry have been built. This puts a great strain on normal hospitals, health experts recently confirmed at a conference in Johannesburg. One in three South Africans will become mentally ill in their lifetime,.


The government’s nature conservation plans: making do instead of spilling the beans?

Everyone is talking about the forest. How good it is for the climate and the soul. It has to be saved – everywhere. Now also in Germany.

Between chainsaw and nature romanticism: Germans have an ambivalent relationship with the forest Photo: unsplash/Jakob Rugner

To compensate for the loss of forests, Iceland has been planting 1 million trees a year for a long time, China recently planted 6 billion trees, in India 66 million trees were planted in 12 hours, Australia wants to plant 1 billion, Ethiopia 4 billion (with 354 million seedlings in 12 hours, the country has already set a "world record in tree planting" according to Spiegel), and in the Philippines every student must plant 10 trees in the future before matriculating.


Criticism of the “animal welfare initiative”: animal rights activists speak of fraud

The "Initiative Tierwohl" will continue to focus on quantity instead of quality in the future. The Animal Welfare Association is now terminating the cooperation.

Quite tight here: a barn equipped according to the "Initiative Tierwohl" Photo: dpa

Image damage perfect: The German Animal Welfare Association drops the Initiative Tierwohl. The voluntary industry initiative offers neither a "long-term perspective for animal welfare" nor transparency for the consumer, the Animal Welfare Association explained. In the initiative, retail giants such as Aldi, Lidl and Netto had joined forces with the meat industry and agriculture to counter the visibly critical reactions to factory farming. Since 2015, retailers have been paying four cents into a pot per kilogram of pork or poultry sold. This is used to reward animal owners who treat their animals better, for example by giving them more space.


Protests against more environmental protection: farmers angry despite billion

The grand coalition wants to give the industry additional money. Nevertheless, the agricultural lobby wants to continue to fight environmental regulations.

Farmer protests against agricultural policy in Erfurt in January Photo: Martin Schutt/dpa

Despite the billions in aid for agriculture approved by the CDU/CSU and SPD, many farmers continue to protest against stricter environmental regulations. "We can’t be bought! Politicians must finally admit their mistakes," posted the movement "Land schafft Verbindung Deutschland" on its Facebook page on Thursday.


Hospital protest in france: “white coats, black rage”.

Public hospital staff in France are taking to the streets. They finally want more money – for themselves and for the health system.

After the Corona crisis: protest of nurses and doctors in Paris Photo: Nasser Berzane/ABACA/picture alliance

"You applauded us every night at the window, now we count on your support!" That’s the message to the French people from tens of thousands of public health workers who demonstrated in Paris on Tuesday. Demonstrations also took place in other French cities.


Comment new us sanctions: showing strength without a concept

The threats posed by Iran, North Korea or Russia will not diminish with the new sanctions. There is a lack of strategy.

Pipeline deals with Russia could fall under the US sanctions Photo: dpa

The new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday will recognizably achieve none of what they are supposed to. They will, however, if they meet with the expected approval of the Senate and U.S. President Donald Trump, possibly lead to severe dislocations – up to and including a trade war between the United States and Europe. However, the actual or suspected threats from Iran, North Korea or Russia will not diminish as a result.


New bike infrastructure against corona: healthiest by far

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg plans to add three new bike lanes before Easter. Traffic activists are calling for more far-reaching measures.

Pretty contagious: cycling on Tempelhofer Feld Photo: dpa

There will soon be new "pop-up bike lanes" in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg: as the head of the Straben- und Grunflachenamt (SGA), Felix Weisbrich, confirmed to the taz, three more temporary bike lanes are to be marked on important traffic axes. These are Petersburger Strabe and Lichtenberger Strabe in Friedrichshain as well as the section of Gitschiner Strabe in Kreuzberg, where no bike lane exists yet.