Shift to the right in brazil: challenge to social movements

The PT government in Brazil is counting on a rapprochement with the opposition. Party base and trade unionists fear social regression.

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff at her inauguration. Photo: ap

For four weeks now, demonstrations have been going on again in Brazil against fare increases in public transport. Mainly in the industrial metropolis Sao Paulo, but also in Rio de Janeiro and elsewhere. The images resemble those of spring 2013, most recently last Friday: several thousand people, mostly young people and students, take to the streets, the police use their usual violence, the press reports rioters.


After allegations of embezzlement against bosses: less money for vw works councils

The employee representatives have to accept steep cuts: This is how the Group wants to refute the accusation that they were to be made compliant.

Bernd Osterloh (center) in 2009 between former VW CEO Martin Winterkorn (left) and then-Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier Photo: ap

Bernd Osterloh says he is "at peace with himself." That’s what the head of the VW Group and General Works Council says on the website of IG Metall at Volkswagen. This immediately raises the question of what he might have to reproach himself for? It’s a highly sensitive issue for VW: Are works councils at the world’s largest car company still being handled in an inadmissible, i.e. excessive, manner so that they don’t cause management so much stress despite co-determination?


New bike infrastructure against corona: healthiest by far

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg plans to add three new bike lanes before Easter. Traffic activists are calling for more far-reaching measures.

Pretty contagious: cycling on Tempelhofer Feld Photo: dpa

There will soon be new "pop-up bike lanes" in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg: as the head of the Straben- und Grunflachenamt (SGA), Felix Weisbrich, confirmed to the taz, three more temporary bike lanes are to be marked on important traffic axes. These are Petersburger Strabe and Lichtenberger Strabe in Friedrichshain as well as the section of Gitschiner Strabe in Kreuzberg, where no bike lane exists yet.


Election in egypt: freedom gets under your skin

It is often only a few years that separate Tahrir activists from adolescents. But the differences between them are serious.

Some 55 million Egyptians can vote for a parliament for the first time since 2012. Photo: dpa

Maybe they should kill all the old people. Kareem Shaheen says this sentence after talking himself into a rage. He is sitting with his friends in a pub called Freedom. Freedom is a desolate drinking establishment near Tahrir Square. The Arabic word for freedom, horreya, was chanted by protesters on the streets of the Old City during the 2011 revolution.