Primary elections in the usa: not credible

The election chaos in Iowa is a disaster for the Democrats. Strategists are now desperately searching for an outside culprit.

Supporters of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders in Des Moines, Iowa Photo: Mike Segar/reuters

Every four years, Iowa provides the backdrop for the kickoff of a US political folklore of a very special kind: the primaries. This involves the grassroots making a preliminary selection for the next presidential candidate in an extremely expensive, extremely long and extremely complicated process that varies by state.


Surprise in the bundesliga: stone age is top!

The simple means of Union Berlin are enough to disenchant the much praised game of the leader Borussia Monchengladbach.

Somehow away with it: Union goalkeeper Rafal Gikiewicz in action Photo: dpa

Again. Tabellenfuhrerbesieger. Now they can start printing T-shirts for the Christmas trade with this word at Union Berlin. One was again stunned at the Alte Forsterei. On the third matchday, the promoted team had beaten the then league leader Borussia Dortmund 3:1, followed on the twelfth matchday by a 2:0 win against the current leaders Borussia Monchengladbach. Once again, something incredible had happened in Kopenick. And yet pretty much everything was different than at the beginning of the season. Union is no longer ridiculed, not even by the best teams in the league. The promoted team has earned respect.


Deep-sea drilling in europe: eu waives oil moratorium

After the USA, Europe also gives in: Deep-sea drilling remains possible under pressure from the UK. Liability and safety requirements are to be tightened.

Didn’t help: Protest by Greenpeace activists against deep-sea drilling in Brussels. Photo: dpa

Following British pressure, the EU Commission has weakened its list of requirements for safety measures for future oil drilling in the deep sea. In an original draft circulated in Brussels last week, the agency had called for a moratorium on new drilling permits until all technical lessons had been learned from the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. In the version that Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger then presented Wednesday, member states are simply asked to consider whether a "suspension of permits" might be a reasonable measure.


Twitter account suspension: the man who shut down trump

Bahtiyar Duysak from Paderborn worked for Twitter in San Francisco. And freed the world from Trump’s tweets for eleven minutes. Was that on purpose?

Duysak wants to have a "quiet life" again for now and now sells used wind turbines Photo: Veit Mette

To meet the man who briefly took away one of the most important instruments of power from the President of the United States, you have to go to East Westphalia. Paderborn’s train station is manageable. Five tracks, regional trains from Bielefeld or Hanover stop here, only rarely an ICE. Washington and the White House are far away, California and the headquarters of the major Internet companies even further. A young man in a white track jacket and washed-out jeans waits outside the bakery in the station building. "Hello, I’m Bahtiyar," he introduces himself.


Structural commission of the cdu: the quota earthquake

By 2025, the quota for women in the CDU/CSU is to be 50 percent. This is not about feminism, but simply about the survival of the party.

The fact that the CDU/CSU is not down with younger female voters is due in particular to the top women Photo: Hans Christian Plambeck/laif

Men are more perceptive, competent and ambitious than women. That’s why around 70 percent of all members of the Bundestag are male, as are more than 90 percent of all mayors in the country.


Exemption from punishment for tax evaders: indulgence for five percent

Three years ago, the SPD called for the abolition of penalty-free voluntary declarations – and did not succeed.

Martin Luther didn’t think it was a good idea to pay money for the remission of sins. Picture: ap

It is a dejà vu experience. In 20, there was also a heated debate in Germany about abolishing voluntary disclosure. The occasion was the offensive purchase of CDs with tax data in North Rhine-Westphalia. Tax evaders became nervous and used the emergency exit to get away with it after all.


Dispute over nuclear agreement with iran: iran rejects u.s. Demands

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo makes twelve demands of Iran, or else face tough sanctions. Criticism of this is now also coming from the EU.

The U.S. demands that Iran also renounce civilian uranium enrichment Photo: dpa

Iran has sharply rejected the twelve far-reaching ultimate demands and sanctions threats that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed to the leadership in Tehran on Monday. There was also strong criticism from Germany and the EU.


Accusations against netanyahu: his last show?

The Israeli head of government is coming under increasing pressure. He calls the corruption investigations against him a "smear campaign."

During his visit to Washington, Prime Minister Netanyahu is calm Photo: ap

He let himself be celebrated with ovations, he waved statesmanlike to the cheering crowd. During his speech to the pro-Israel lobbying association Aipac in Washington on Tuesday, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seemed completely in his element. Back home in Israel, however, observers speculate it could have been his last big show.


Benefits for corona-immunized: ‘currently’ against vaccination privileges

The federal government is debating a law that would ban benefits for the vaccinated. But is such a law even necessary – and possible?

Does a law banning benefits for corona vaccinated people make sense? Photo: Matthias Bein/dpa

The SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag is considering a ban on privileges for corona vaccinees. Previously, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) had already spoken out against benefits for vaccinated people.


Vw fine to lower saxony: the unexpected billion

The fine that VW had to pay to Lower Saxony is now being distributed by Minister President Stephan Weil in his own state. Schleswig-Holstein would have liked some of it.

It works out for Lower Saxony: VW pays a billion to the state Photo: dpa

Stephan Weil is sitting on the podium in the state press conference room in Lower Saxony’s state parliament. He has his arms folded across his chest, an implied smile on his face.