Strife in the saar left: “jew” or “judas”?

The affair over anti-Semitic remarks by Saar Left Party leader Mekan Kolasinac is a low point in the party’s trench warfare.

A dispute between federal leftists Riexinger and Wagenknecht is causing derailment among Saar leftists Photo: dpa

The fierce quarrel in the Saarland Left Party continues. After bickering and mousehandling in the run-up to the Bundestag elections, comrades are now accusing Thomas Lutze, the re-elected member of the Saarland Left Party, of tolerating anti-Semitism in his environment. In mid-October, Lutze’s colleague Mekan Kolasinac, who is also party chairman in Saarlouis, had written about federal chairman Bernd Riexinger in a Facebook entry: "Wrong, deceitful Jew" (sic). This vituperative criticism was prompted by newspaper reports that Riexinger had tried to bully the leading candidate and parliamentary group leader in the Bundestag, Sahra Wagenknecht, out of the party.


“Django unchained” by tarantino: once upon a time in america

Can a spaghetti western tell a story about slavery? Quentin Tarantino dares the experiment in "Django Unchained" with lots of fake blood.

Jamie Foxx as Django in a scene with Franco Nero Image: Sony Pictures/dapd

Blood is red. The ball of fiber on a cottonwood bush is white. If the first splashes on the second, it gives a strong color contrast. If the blood looks like an import from the spaghetti westerns of the ’60s and ’70s, the contrast becomes even stronger. That’s because the fake blood back then glowed brighter and was more viscous than it is today; it was more like tomato sugo than real blood.


Criticism of zionism at art school in berlin: dispute over accusations of anti-semitism

A project by Jewish-Israeli students is under pressure because of alleged BDS-affinity. The funds have been cut, and one professor is fighting back.

Is art still free here? Art college in Berlin-Weibensee Photo: Christian Behring/Pop-Eye/picture alliance

A group of Jewish art students in Berlin is organizing a series of events critical of Zionism. The reactions: A pro-government Israeli newspaper scandalizes the event. Volker Beck, ex-Green member of the Bundestag, posts that "an anti-Zionism spectacle is being financed with tax money" and alarms the responsible ministry. The Israeli embassy sees "a delegitimization of Israel and anti-Semitism" at work. The accusation is proximity to BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions), an international movement founded in Palestine that focuses on boycotting Israel with moderate success.


Arms supplies for libya: why the embargo is just a joke

Turkey prevents the Bundeswehr from searching a freighter bound for Libya. Unsurprisingly, because the arms embargo is not one.

Bundeswehr soldiers from the frigate "Hamburg" stand on the deck of a tanker in September Photo: dpa

Once again, it is evident that European attempts to control the arms embargo on Libya are a joke. When soldiers from the German frigate "Hamburg" tried to search a suspicious Turkish ship, they had to abort their action because Ankara protested against the search, according to German sources. But it is not just that the suspect state must agree to a search of its ships that makes maritime surveillance of the arms embargo a sham. A large proportion of the weapons for the Libyan warring parties do not come across the sea at all.


Figures on gentrification: berliners don’t move

Do more and more people have to move to the outskirts of the city because they can no longer pay the high rents? On the contrary, says the landlords’ association.

In, up, down, out: happens less and less in Berlin. Image: dpa

Moving is actually great. You go to Robben und Wientjes, the last big rental car store, where really nice employees at the counter first take a spin before they take the big vehicle cardboard plan in their hands and brush over the previous tenant of your future vehicle with Tippex. My favorite renter has been working here for over 20 years. Computer use here is very rudimentary. Each time, I enthusiastically re-sign the little note that says, "The tank is not full."


Poll high for thuringia’s afd: wrong strategies against hocke

The AfD also has hopes of becoming the strongest party in Thuringia. It is focusing on an issue that concerns many in the east: social policy.

Thuringian bratwursts actually taste quite good – especially if you don’t fry them too brown Photo: imago images/Bild13

The latest polls are dismaying. Not only in Saxony and Brandenburg, but also in Thuringia, the AfD can now hope to become the strongest force in the state elections in the fall. According to a new survey, it is in second place with 24 percent, just behind the Left Party. Compared to March, it has gained 4 percentage points – and that with a state leader and top candidate Bjorn Hocke, who stands for the radicalization of the already radical right-wing party like no other and has thus caused a furor again in recent weeks.


Reconstruction of the bauakademie in berlin: schinkel should remain schinkel

Disagreed on how it should be used – united on the question of its external form: a discussion with building senator on the design of the Bauakademie.

Soon it will no longer consist only of scaffolding: the Bauakademie, here on the right behind the palace dome Photo: dpa

When photos, illustrations and drawings of the building, which was demolished in 1962, are shown at events about Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s Bauakademie, the level of excitement in the audience rises every time: the red profane brick building from 1836, the ideal cube and the beautiful terracotta decoration – Schinkel’s architecture is still considered the icon of 19th-century modernism.