After attack on alt-right leader spencer: “… Punch nazis in the face”.

The face of the Alt-Right movement was punched by a protester. Richard Spencer is now mobilizing in self-defense.

Richard Spencer calls for a pure white America with his Alt-Right movement Photo: ap

Richard Spencer is now a public figure. With all that entails. On the sidelines of Donald Trump’s inauguration, the leader of the Alt-Right movement was beaten on camera by a left-wing protester. On his way from the festivities to a restaurant, Spencer wanted to give an interview to the Australian Broadcasting Company, but was surrounded by anti-Trump demonstrators.

Even before the interview could begin, a demonstrator came running and punched Spencer in the left eye. During the recording of the TV channel, where Spencer was supposed to answer the question whether Nazis sympathized with him, the presumably same man hit him in the head with his forearm from the side. A short time later, Spencer shared on Twitter that he had suffered "no serious harm."

The right-wing extremist with the trendy undercut hairstyle had gained notoriety for a speech he gave at a victory party for Trump in November. He ended it with, "Hail Trump! Hail the people! Hail victory!" The audience honored his shouts with the Hitler salute. Spencer also wants a "peaceful ethnic cleansing" of the U.S., with non-whites leaving the country voluntarily.

Along with his black eye, Spencer has since spoken out in a video statement about the attack against him on camera. He said he was not floored by this "underhanded" blow, but learned not to be so naive about putting himself in danger in the future. For Spencer, it’s clear that "we’re in a civil war now." Alt-Right members must now stand up together and ensure their own safety, he said.

Violence breeds counter-violence

This call for self-defense is also the result of a Twitter debate that flared up after footage of the attack against Spencer was posted online. Under #punchanazi, many people are venting about how good it is to beat up a Nazi, especially one like Richard Spencer. One account in particular has stood out here: @punchedtomusic tweets the same video of the Australian TV station in quick succession, each accompanied by different pieces of music, with the blow to Spencer’s head always in time. @punchedtomusic now has over five thousand followers and receives countless expressions of sympathy.

Spencer picks up on this in his video message, accusing liberals of encouraging their followers to outbursts of violence. Nine out of ten tweets referring to the incident were from hostile users, he complains. He is met with sheer hatred. In fact, this gives him the opportunity to present himself as a victim and call for counter-violence.

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